Lydia Davis: Can’t and Won’t

Trevor reviews Lydia Davis’s new story collection, Can’t and Won’t. Read the full post.

Barbara Comyns

Barbara Comyns: Who Was Changed and Who Was Dead

For her first post on The Mookse and the Gripes, Amanda Sarasien reviews Barbara Comyns’ Who Was Changed and Who Was Dead. Read the full post.

Jackson The Man in the Woods

Shirley Jackson: “The Man in the Woods”

This week’s New Yorker fiction is “The Man in the Woods,” a formerly unpublished story by Shirley Jackson. Trevor and Betsy share their thoughts. Read the full post.

The Wonderful O inset

James Thurber: The Wonderful O

Trevor and his sons, Carter and Holland, review James Thurber’s oh-so wonderful The Wonderful O. Read the full post.


2014 Best Translated Book Award Shortlist

This year’s Best Translated Book Award shortlist is fantastic! Read the full post.

Pulitzer Logo

2014 Pulitzer Prize

This year’s Pulitzer Prize winner and finalists have been announced. Read the full post.


John Cheever: “The Enormous Radio”

Michael Pucci begins his series on John Cheever’s stories by covering “The Enormous Radio” (1947). Read the full post.

McGuane Hubcaps

Thomas McGuane: “Hubcaps”

This week’s New Yorker fiction is “Hubcaps,” by one of our favorites, Thomas McGuane. Read the full post.