John Berger: From A to X

Trevor reviews John Berger’s Booker Prize longlisted novel, From A to X. Read the full post.


Leonardo Sciascia: The Day of the Owl

Trevor takes a welcome break from his Booker Prize reading and reviews Leonardo Sciascia’s The Day of the Owl, translated from the Italian by Archibald Colquhoun and Arthur Oliver. Read the full post.


Linda Grant: The Clothes on Their Backs

Trevor reviews Linda Grant’s Booker Prize longlisted novel, The Clothes on Their Backs. Read the full post.


Sebastian Barry: The Secret Scripture

Trevor reviews Sebastian Barry’s Booker Prize longlisted novel, The Secret Scripture. Read the full post.


Steve Toltz: A Fraction of the Whole

Trevor reviews Steve Toltz’s Booker Prize longlisted novel, A Fraction of the Whole. Read the full post.


Michelle de Kretser: The Lost Dog

Trevor reviews Michelle de Kretser’s Booker Prize longlisted novel, The Lost Dog. Read the full post.


Mohammed Hanif: A Case of Exploding Mangoes

Trevor reviews Mohammed Hanif’s Booker Prize longlisted novel A Case of Exploding Mangoes. Read the full post.


Salman Rushdie: The Enchantress of Florence

Trevor reviews Salman Rushdie’s Booker Prize longlisted novel, The Enchantress of Florence. Read the full post.


Tom Rob Smith: Child 44

Trevor reviews Tom Rob Smith’s Booker Prize longlisted novel, Child 44. Read the full post.


Aravind Adiga: The White Tiger

Trevor reviews Aravind Adiga’s Booker Prize longlisted (and eventual winner) debut novel, The White Tiger. Read the full post.


Philip Roth: The Prague Orgy

Trevor reviews Philip Roth’s coda to his first three Zuckerman books, The Prague Orgy. Read the full post.