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Yesterday KevinfromCanada pointed out that my blog runs slowly and that when you post comments they sometimes don’t appear for a long time.  I’m hoping to remedy the problems and make this site if not perfect at least less frustrating to access. 

So, if you have experienced any difficulties on my site, in any way at all, please let me know by posting a comment here or by accessing my “Report a Problem” forum (which is not up quite yet, but will be soon).  I’ll then see what I can do.  And if you have never had problems, let me know that too so I can try to isolate the problem others are having. 

I think I took care of the comment issue already (my suspicion is that it was a caching issue, that the comment posted immediately but that you couldn’t see it on your own computer until the cache emptied).  The speed is something else.  I don’t know much about what I’m doing here, so I don’t know if there’s anything to be done.  Interestingly, for the first time yesterday, I went to Kevin’s site and it took over a minute to load.  Is this a global meltdown?!

Anyway, if you have suggestions for fixes, also leave those.

In the meantime, I hope you’ll keep visiting and commenting on the blog!  Don’t forget that I’m still interested in your views on what exactly happened in Henry James’s The Turn of the Screw.

13 thoughts on “Technical Forum”

  1. Everything is working quite quickly today, so whatever you did seems to be working, at least in the short term.

  2. Rhys says:

    Hi there

    I haven’t commented before I just enjoy reading your Blog but I thought I’d let you know there are absolutely no technical hitches here in Manchester UK

  3. Trevor says:

    Thanks Rhys and Kevin. I hope it stays that way! And I hope to see some more of your comments here, Rhys. We’d all love your insights!

  4. I’ve not had any particular problems Trevor, I think I had some early on with having to scroll horizontally to see the full width of the page, but that’s long ince gone away.

  5. Trevor: Twice tonight when I first linked to the site, I got this page with “leave a comment” and no reference to the four comments. Also the recent comments sidebar didn’t have your two Pulitzer comments listed. Since I knew comments had been made here, I clicked on the “leave a comment” link — from then on everything was up to date. This was the same problem I mentioned yesterday. Kevin

  6. Also both this post and the sidebar picked up my comment as soon as I submitted — the only issue was the first opening of the site.

  7. Trevor says:

    I’m not sure I know how to fix that then, Kevin. It is possible it is your computers cache settings preventing your browser from updating the page each time you open it. Then again, if that is only happening when you visit my site . . .

    I have no idea whether I’m right about this or not, but I have set the website to reload every time someone opens it and to not simply load an older page saved in the cache. I know that on my own computer I’ve never had it delay showing comments I’ve made or that others have made. So, if this is your computer, how does one fix it? No idea!


  8. Isabel says:

    I used to have problems loading your blog, but I was still on dial-up.

    I have upgraded to something faster and have no problems now.

    Love the look.

  9. _lethe_ says:

    I only have problems with the layout. On my Mac at home one-third of the page (the right sidebar and part of the middle column) drops off the screen, and as there is no horizontal scrollbar I have to move the window way to the left and extend its size on the right. Cumbersome and difficult to readjust the size, so I have taken to reading and commenting during lunch breaks, as my Windows computer at work displays the page correctly.

  10. Trevor says:

    I think that’s your Mac’s screen resolution, _lethe_. Sounds like it cuts off quite a portion, too, which suggests to me that it is set at a very low resolution. I don’t know anything about Macs, but is there a way you can change that so that it’s a higher resolution? You should also be able to change the size of icons, and the like, so that even though it’s a higher resolution not everything becomes so small you can’t function.

    I am glad, by the way, that you still read and comment :)

  11. The site isn’t showing any Human Stain comments on either of my two computers(despite our two comments) — but produces a fresh page as soon as I hit the Leave a Comment button. It may well be my server and is certainly not a major problem, but I thought I would let you know.

  12. _lethe_ says:

    I think it has more to do with my browser (Safari), because I just noticed that when I use Firefox your webpage is displayed correctly.

    To give an example, the first paragraph of your entry reads like this in Firefox (/ = linebreaks):

    Yesterday KevinfromCanada pointed out that my blog runs slowly and that when / you post comments they sometimes don’t appear for a long time. I’m hoping to / remedy the problems and make this site if not perfect at least less frustrating to / access.

    In Safari there is only one linebreak, between “long” and “time” in the first sentence, so naturally it’s going to run off the page.

    (Of course I’ll keep reading and commenting! When I’m desperate even in Firefox, even though it’s very s-l-o-w on my little Mac.)

  13. Just an update Trevor. Yesterday I got a cached page without updated comments. Today I got a fresh page with all comments noted. So I’d say whatever the issue is it isn’t in your control — perhaps at wordpress (they seem to be changing some things) or at some server between my computer and yours. And I certainly do not mind making a click and revisiting some comments.

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