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You have probably noticed the new link in the right column for The Book Depository, one of my favorite book sellers.  Why?  Because they ship worldwide for FREE!  And they have excellent prices.

  • Book only available in the UK (like Kazuo Ishiguro’s new book of short stories will be next week)?  Order it from The Book Depository.
  • Better edition of the book, better cover, better series (like the Penguin Modern Classics series)?  Order it from The Book Depository.
  • Booker Prize underway but books not yet published in the U.S. (or wherever you live)?  Order from The Book Depository.

It has also happened that the book I want is cheaper to order from The Book Depository, despite the exchange rate (you can see exactly how much a book costs in dollars, so you don’t need any outside exchange site), thanks to their free shipping and discounted prices, than from anywhere in the U.S. 

I do get a small commission if you use the link on this site to do your Book Depository shopping, and that would be great.  I have avoided joining any other affiliate program because I don’t think any of them will make me much money.  However, I believe in the value of getting to know The Book Depository and hope many of you do.

5 thoughts on “The Book Depository”

  1. Great. Now I have to choose between you and dovegreyreader. Since Top 21 Book Sites says you get three times as many hits as I do, I don’t think I’ll sign on as an affiliate. Since DGR gets nine times as many hits as you do, I’ll let others support her and make my Book Depository orders through you. Alas, you’ve missed a very lucrative chance by not signing up a couple of months earlier — the stack of recent arrivals is already threatening to take over the entire library. I’m sure there will be more that need to be ordered by summer, however.

  2. Trevor says:

    I appreciate your support, Kevin, as always! I don’t know if the Book Depository had this set up a few months ago. Perhaps we should ask them if they’d retroactively apply your purchases to my account? :) As I said above, though, I appreciate what the Book Depository does and hope that people can find an easy and non-cost prohibitive way to get good books. And maybe this will help more American readers join in the Booker discussion this fall!

  3. Trevor says:

    You might notices the Amazon ad right below the one for The Book Depository. I added Amazon because many of the titles about to be reviewed on this blog are from American publishing houses deserving of support, and I’d like to make sure the avenues my blog points down are directed at their editions, which may or may not be available through the Book Depository.

    Again, I do get a small commission any time someone buys something from Amazon after getting there from here (so go ahead and buy that $2000 camera you’ve been looking at :) ). That said, my decision to put The Book Depository on this site was because they offer an amazing service to readers around the world– Free Worldwide Delivery–and I wanted you to be aware of it. My decision to add Amazon is not to promote Amazon, who needs nothing of the sort from me, but to promote the soon-to-be-reviewed books by these amazing American publishing houses. Hopefully, whether you choose to buy the books by clicking on these links or not, you’ll find books you enjoy that you otherwise would have a hard time finding.

    To state what I hope is obvious, this blog is editorial and discussion based. My decision to place links to book sellers, and to derive a benefit from those links, will in no way reshape the way I review books. For the most part I review only books I enjoyed anyway, but I’ll still tell you when I didn’t like a book. There will be no “this book is so amazing you have to go buy it now click here please :)” unless the book is really, in my honest opinion, deserving. So happy book buying, but more importantly, happy book reading.

  4. GlennfromUSA says:

    I am troubled by the deceptive nature of The Book Depository website. As their web page prominently features an Amazon logo, unsuspecting American book-seekers are duped into thinking that this site features the same benefits as when ordering items through In reality: 1) US buyers will likely have to wait 3 WEEKS (up to 14 business days) for delivery of their items; 2) order tracking only provides whether or not the items purchased have been shipped, NOT the arrival date; 3) this is a UK company, so items originate from overseas, not from within the US. I believe American consumers should be made aware of these facts BEFORE placing an order with The Book Depository, not after the fact.

    I am humored that communication with Trevor is restricted to mail-only (including cancellation of an order), and that the owner’s image features a pompous-looking individual as if to exemplify the futility of any complaint you may have.

    As an American online consumer, for a few extra dollars (sorry-euros) I personally would rather have my order in (Amazon-typical) 5-7 business days, or be aware of this reality PRIOR to placing an order.

  5. Trevor says:

    Hi Glenn, I’m Trevor and have nothing to do with The Book Depository’s policies and procedures. In fact, so much has changed since I posted this that I no longer even provide an affiliate link on here. In the day, they were an independent UK-based online bookseller (that it was uk-based was apparent in the old URL) with free worldwide shipping. Those of us who read a lot of UK books were spoiled. Amazon fought back and eventually bought them. You can no longer get the same inventory of books and many of their other policies have made them less attractive.

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