3 thoughts on “National Book Critics Circle Award Winner

  1. I’m hoping to get it sooner rather than later, Lisa –I never thought I’d say this, but its winning the NBCC makes it more compelling than its winning the Booker. I’m not sure why that is as I’ve long been a huge Booker fan, and I still get anxious for each Booker season. Perhaps it’s that I didn’t trust Booker in 2009 because of 2008, and the NBCC award suggests I should have.

  2. I think you’re quite right to put much more stock in the NBCC. I put more stock in my local school fair tombola than I do The Booker. It’s been a bit of a farce for years. They tend to get a non-lobotomised celeb involved to vogue it up a bit, and I hate all that, not to mention some disastrous, conservative, staid, trad choices as chair. And then they plump for the book they all agree they rather like, with most second-choice books triumphing. It’s all a load of balls, really. Mind you, I can’t wait for the next!

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