4 thoughts on “PEN/Faulkner Winner Announced

  1. Well, I’ve ordered it on the shameful basis that I am clearly a glory-chasing berk that wants to keep hip to the award winners…and also as you say you’ve enjoyed his previous work of course. If it successfully melds poetry and prose in the way suggested, it should be good.

  2. Hi Isabel, thanks for the links! And as far as going to hear McEwan, I’m afraid I won’t. Five years ago I would have been thrilled, but since then my admiration of his work has flagged and I have next to no interest in the man himself.

    Lee, I hope it lives up to the excitement you’re showing. I have to admit, I’m getting excited to read it too. Let me know how you like it!

  3. I will!

    Interesting what you say about McEwan there: he was one of my favourites a while back but my interest in him has diminished, not sure why. Yeah, five years ago I would’ve pre-ordered Solar. Nowadays, it’s a library-lend with curiosity rather than excitement the motivating factor. I remember reading Amsterdam in a quick blur of mesmerised obliviousness. Odd.

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