Bolaño and Walser Winners!

Using I plugged in the appropriate numbers for the Bolaño/Walser giveaway. Though both winners have their own blogs, I promise that was not a condition of winning — it was all’s doing. Also, one winner was a brand-new commenter whose first comment was for this contest. The other has been here as long as I have — almost.

I appreciate everyone who entered the contest, and I especially thank you all for your kind words of well-wishing on my two-year anniversary. It’s been a lot of fun and much of that is due to your reading, commenting, and support.  This is a great community.  So . . .

A copy of Roberto Bolano’s Amulet goes to Selena who writes at Like Glass — congrats! Now I expect you to comment more :)

A copy of Robert Walser’s Microscripts goes to Isabel who writes at Books and Other Stuff — congrats too! Isabel has been a very welcome presence on this blog since its earliest days. Thanks!

Emails are going out to Selena and Isabel.

10 thoughts on “Bolaño and Walser Winners!

  1. Oh, another interesting factoid: both winners entered only for the books they won. Though the odds were on your side, I’m sorry to those of you who entered for both.

  2. Minimal hard feelings, Trevor, and to the winners: enjoy!
    I guess I’ll have to buy the damn book now.

  3. Bolano and I were meant for one another! Hear-hear to more commenting though! I’m getting much less shy about that.

  4. Selena, I sent you an email earlier today. Maybe you haven’t responded to it yet, and it’s sitting there. Still, since you’ve left a comment here after I sent the email, maybe I have the wrong address. At any rate, can you email me your address and I’ll get this in the mail :)

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