Bolaño and Walser Winners!

Using I plugged in the appropriate numbers for the Bolaño/Walser giveaway. Though both winners have their own blogs, I promise that was not a condition of winning — it was all’s doing. Also, one winner was a brand-new commenter whose first comment was for this contest. The other has been here as long as I have — almost.

I appreciate everyone who entered the contest, and I especially thank you all for your kind words of well-wishing on my two-year anniversary. It’s been a lot of fun and much of that is due to your reading, commenting, and support.  This is a great community.  So . . .

A copy of Roberto Bolano’s Amulet goes to Selena who writes at Like Glass — congrats! Now I expect you to comment more :)

A copy of Robert Walser’s Microscripts goes to Isabel who writes at Books and Other Stuff — congrats too! Isabel has been a very welcome presence on this blog since its earliest days. Thanks!

Emails are going out to Selena and Isabel.

10 thoughts on “Bolaño and Walser Winners!”

  1. Trevor says:

    Oh, another interesting factoid: both winners entered only for the books they won. Though the odds were on your side, I’m sorry to those of you who entered for both.

  2. Lee Monks says:

    One day I will win one of these competitions…hoodoo etc…congrats to the winners!

  3. Lee Monks says:

    Yeah, we got karma-hexed for being greedy!

  4. Trevor says:

    In reading, greed is good, Lee. Alas . . .

  5. Isabel says:

    Thanks! I will enjoy reading it.

  6. leroyhunter says:

    Minimal hard feelings, Trevor, and to the winners: enjoy!
    I guess I’ll have to buy the damn book now.

  7. selena says:

    Bolano and I were meant for one another! Hear-hear to more commenting though! I’m getting much less shy about that.

  8. Trevor says:

    Selena, I sent you an email earlier today. Maybe you haven’t responded to it yet, and it’s sitting there. Still, since you’ve left a comment here after I sent the email, maybe I have the wrong address. At any rate, can you email me your address and I’ll get this in the mail :)

  9. selena says:

    Trev, you can clearly see my priorities – blogging before email! :P

    I replied though – you had the correct email :)

  10. Adrian says:

    When would I win those Bolaños????! hmpft!

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