Introducing a New Forum

For the past month or so, in whatever spare time I have, I’ve been setting up a new forum dedicated to discussing the publications of certain select publishers.  I’m a fan of NYRB Classics, Open Letter Books, Archipelago Books, and Dalkey Archive Press, and I wanted to create a place where interested people can go to find out about and discuss the fantastic books these publishers put out (as opposed to just the ones that happen to get reviewed) withou the distractions from the other large presses. 

My hope is that this will allow people to dig in, review the books, present minutia about the authors, discuss cover art, discuss introductions, discuss publication history, show scholarship, and in general to be a reservoir for whatever information, objective and subjective, that can be put together on these books.  Really, I want this to be a true fan site.

So far, I’m the only member of the new forum, and so far I have only seeded the NYRB Classics discussion thread by posting information about and covers for each and every NYRB Classic book ever published.  I’m now working to cross-post my blog reviews of these books and will be moving on to the other publishers as time allows.

That said, before I get too far into this by myself, I’d like to welcome you to take a look, join the forum, post some thoughts, get involved, give suggestions etc.

You can find this forum at  Invite your friends.

4 thoughts on “Introducing a New Forum”

  1. stujallen says:

    sound like a good idea ,all the best stu

  2. Lee Monks says:

    Will have a good look at this, Trevor. Sounds great.

  3. Trevor says:

    Thanks stu and Lee, I hope to see you there!

    I could use this to explain some more of my reasoning. These excellent publishers put out more books than I can review, and I hope to see discussions on all of them in a convenient place.

  4. Joe says:

    The new forum sounds like a great idea. It just makes me wish I had more time to read!!

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