February 2013

National Book Critics Circle Award Winners

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The winners have been announced: Fiction: Billy Lynn's Long Halftime Walk, by Ben Fountain Nonfiction: Far From the Tree: Parents, Children, and the Search for Identity, by Andrew Solomon Autobiography: Swimming Studies, by Leanne Sharpton Criticism: Stranger Magic, by Marina Warner Biography: The Passage of Power, by Robert Caro Poetry: Useless Landscape, or A Guide for Boys, by D.A. Powell


Colm Tóibín: “Summer of ’38”

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Click here to read the story in its entirety on The New Yorker webpage. Colm Tóibín's “Summer of '38” was originally published in the March 4, 2013 issue of The New Yorker. Click for a larger image. Trevor I'm a fan of Colm Tóibín. It's been nearly four years since we've had any of his [...]

Paul Theroux: “The Furies”

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Click here to read the abstract of the story on The New Yorker webpage (this week’s story is available only for subscribers).  Paul Theroux’s “The Furies” was originally published in the February 25, 2013 issue of The New Yorker. Click for a larger image. Betsy “The Furies” reveals why so few people go to their 40th high school reunion -- the [...]


Karen Russell: “Reeling for the Empire”

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“Reeling for the Empire” is the second story in Karen Russell’s second short story collection, Vampires in the Lemon Grove. For an overview with links to review of the others stories in this collection, please click here. Hmmm. After a great first story, "Vampires in the Lemon Grove" (my thoughts here), I now sit scratching my head after [...]


Episode 5: Friedrich Reck’s Diary of a Man in Despair

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This month, we are joined by Nick During of NYRB Classics to discuss Friedrich Reck's political memoir, Diary of a Man in Despair. My life in this pit will soon enter its fifth year. For more than forty-two months I have thought hate, have lain down with hate in my heart, have dreamed hate, and awakened with [...]


Karen Russell: “Vampires in the Lemon Grove”

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"Vampires in the Lemon Grove" is the first story in Karen Russell's second short story collection, Vampires in the Lemon Grove. For an overview with links to review of the others stories in this collection, please click here. I approached this story warily. As much as I loved Russell's strange first collection of short stories (which [...]


Karen Russell: Vampires in the Lemon Grove

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In the best way possible, I became a fan of Karen Russell's short fiction. It must have been late 2006 when I saw this strange book while browsing a real-life bookstore: St. Lucy's Home for Girls Raised by Wolves. Knowing nothing about the author, I bought it and was thrilled at what I'd found. In 2010, Russell was listed as one of The [...]


Amélie Nothomb: Life Form

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Last week I wrote about Revenge, the first book I read by Yoko Ogawa, a name I'd heard many times over the past few years and had always felt I should read. This week I'm writing about Amélie Nothomb's latest in English, Life Form (Une forme de vie, 2010; tr. from the French by Alison Anderson, 2013). [...]