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The Mookse and the Gripes is a website dedicated to literature and film, from any part of the world and from any era. It was created in July 2008. In October of 2012, The Mookse and the Gripes podcast, a podcast primarily dedicated to the books published by NYRB Classics, was born.

About the Contributors

Trevor Berrett

Trevor created and edits The Mookse and the Gripes. He is also a co-host on The Mookse and the Gripes Podcast and The Eclipse Viewer Podcast. You can follow him on Twitter (@mookse).

You can read his posts here.

Adrienne Cash

Adrienne is a wife and mother, reviewing books and The New Yorker fiction at The Story Is Enough and her small town paper. She has dabbled in editing, library science, and goat herding, finally admitting that she wants to be a writer when she grows up.

You can read her posts here.

Amanda Sarasien

Amanda is a writer and literary translator. She also writes regularly for the website Reading in Translation. You can find more about her on her website here and by following her on Twitter (@amandasarasien).

You can read her posts here.

Bénédicte Williams

Bénédicte moved to Budapest, Hungary, several years ago, and has since tried to satisfy her boundless appetite for all things Central and Eastern Europe by reading and writing about fiction and non-fiction from and about the region. She blogs about all this in French at Passage à l’Est and, in English, here on The Mookse and the Gripes. When she does not write, she translates and teaches.

You can read her posts here.

Betsy Pelz

Betsy writes about The New Yorker fiction and poetry. She and Trevor are currently working their way through the complete works of Alice Munro in chronological order.

You can read her posts here.

Brian Berrett

Brian is a co-host on The Mookse and the Gripes podcast.

You can listen to his podcasts here.

Chris Phillips

Chris is a consultant for the British government. He grew up in Lancashire, England, and now splits his time between Kabul, Afghanistan, and his home in North Devon, where he lives with his wife Samantha and a number of animals. He reads for pleasure and cannot be followed on Twitter.

You can read his posts here.


Dwight blogs at A Common Reader, providing a resource for classics, hard-to-find books, and non-fiction works. He occasionally posts on his experiences homeschooling his two boys. You can follow him on Twitter (@DwightGreenCR).

You can read his posts here.

Lee Monks

Lee is an English graduate from (a couple of miles outside of) Manchester. He works as a plain English writer and editor. An avid reader and filmgoer, he covers books and film for the site.

You can read his posts here.

Lori Feathers

Lori is an avid reader and freelance book critic living in Dallas, Texas. She writes for various print and online publications, including World Literature Today, Rain Taxi, Three Percent, and Bookslut, and is Vice President of the Board of Deep Vellum, a Dallas non-profit publishing translated literature.

You can read her posts here.

Michael Pucci

Michael is a librarian in New Jersey where he assists in building its adult and young adult collections. He writes about literature for Library Journal and The New York Journal of Books , as well as on his own blog A Dance to the Books of Time, where he writes about Time Magazine’s best English-language books since 1923. You can follow him on Twitter (@michael_pucci).

You can read his posts here.

P.T. Smith

P.T. Smith is a writer and critic living in Vermont. He has written for various online publications, including Three Percent, Bookslut, Music and Literature, and Full Stop.

You can read his posts here.

Simon Lavery

Simon teaches English in Cornwall, in the far southwest of England. He blogs on literature and other matters at Tredynas Days and can be followed on Twitter (@TredynasDays).

You can read his posts here.

9 thoughts on “About Us

  1. As an outsider poet, without need or want of publications chains…just thought you might enjoy…the story of one Life lived….detached of ego…only viewed from that place beyond form, dropped, becoming word wrapped moments realizesation connections.Have a great day…

  2. I would like to unsubscribe from your blog but I haven’t found a link. Please advise. Thank you.

  3. The link to the New Yorker story, “The Story of a Painter,” goes to Anne Carson’s “1+1.”

    And where has my favorite commenter Lilly, or Lotusgreen, gone? How I miss her.

  4. Hi Ellen — thanks for your comment! I’ll get the link issue fixed! As for Lilly — sadly people come and go, and we all miss them! Hopefully she is doing well and will return!

  5. Hi, Trever —

    I’ve enjoyed commenting on NYer stories. How do I initiate a comment on a book that’s not been commented on yet? e.g., Patrick Modiano’s “After the Circus”.

  6. Thanks, William — I am enjoying your comments and hope you continue! Right now I don’t have anything here where people can comment on books that do not have their own post. We do have a Goodreads page, though, where we encourage conversations about anything and everything!

    I do plan to review After the Circus soon, though. But if you want to pitch a review of your own, just send me an email. I’d love to have more voices on here talking about books!

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