Jean Giono: Melville: A Novel

In the late 1930s, Jean Giono worked to translated Herman Melville's Moby-Dick into French for the first time. To accompany the new edition, Giono provided a strange, fictional introduction to Melville the man, instead giving us a lovely look at Melville our imagined author.

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Daniel Mendelsohn: An Odyssey: A Father, a Son, and an Epic

Daniel Mendelsohn has written a wonderful memoir that is both a touching and nuanced account of his relationship with his father as well as a fascinating look at the great epic The Odyssey.

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John Ashbery: Collected Poems 1991 – 2000

With John Ashbery's passing on Sunday, at 90, The Library of America has moved up the publication date of their second volume of his poems, John Ashbery: Collected Poems 1991 - 2000. It's filled to the brim with his unfettered language and his welcoming warmth.

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