The Eclipse Viewer Episode 14: Early Bergman Part II

David and Trevor finish their discussion of Eclipse Series 1: Early Bergman, talking about Thirst and To Joy. Read the full post.


2014 Independent Foreign Fiction Prize Shortlist

The six books making up the Independent Foreign Fiction Prize, with links to several reviews. Read the full post.

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Roddy Doyle Box Sets

Roddy Doyle: “Box Sets”

Trevor and Betsy feel differently about Roddy Doyle’s “Box Sets.” Read the full post.


James Shapiro: Shakespeare in America: An Anthology from the Revolution to Now

Trevor enthuses about The Library of America’s new volume, Shakespeare in America: An Anthology from the Revolution to Now. Read the full post.


2014 PEN/Faulkner Winner

Recently, this year’s PEN/Faulker was awarded to We Are All Completely Beside Ourselves, by Karen Joy Folwer. The other finalists were At Night We Walk in Cicles, by Daniel Alarcon; Percival Everett by Virgil Russell, by Percival Everett; Fools, by Joan Silber; and Search Party: Stories of Rescue, by Valerie Trueblood….


Julia Deck: Viviane

The New Press and Linda Coverdale are doing some exceptional work (as always) bringing us some great books from the French. Already this year they’ve brought out Jean Echenoz’s newest work, 1914 (my review here). And while not new translations, in June The New Press will publish Three by Echenoz,…


The Mookse and the Gripes Is Looking for Contributors

For nearly six years The Mookse and the Gripes has run as a mostly solo affair — though I have many people to thank for making it what it is today. Things changed a bit a little over a year ago when I invited Betsy to come “above the line”…


The Eclipse Viewer Episode 13: Early Bergman Part I

David and I are back with another episode of The Eclipse Viewer, the podcast dedicated to the Criterion Collection’s Eclipse Series of DVDs. In this episode, we talk about the first three films included in Eclipse Series 1: Early Bergman, a five-film set. If you’ve followed this blog over the past year,…


Jonathan Lethem: “Pending Vegan”

Click here to read the abstract of the story on The New Yorker webpage (this week’s story is available only for subscribers). Jonathan Lethem’s “Pending Vegan” was originally published in the April 7, 2014 issue of The New Yorker. I’m hit and miss with Jonathan Lethem. We’ll have thoughts up soon….