Family Furnishings

Alice Munro: Family Furnishings: Selected Stories, 1995 – 2014

A new collection of Alice Munro stories hit shelves yesterday. Though it doesn’t contain any new stories, it is a great primer for those interested in getting to know Munro’s exceptional work. Read the full post.

Giller Logo

2014 Giller Prize Winner

The 2014 winner of the Giller Prize has been announced — and it lines up with the Shadow Giller’s pick! Read the full post.


Dave Eggers: “The Alaska of Giants and Gods”

This weeks New Yorker story is Dave Eggers’ “The Alaska of Giants and Gods.” Betsy shares her thoughts. Read the full post.

Mon Oncle

Jacques Tati: Mon Oncle

Trevor reviews Jacques Tati’s 1958 film Mon Oncle, recently released by The Criterion Collection in its boxset The Complete Jacques Tati. Read the full post.

2666 Part 4

2666 Read-Along — Part 4: The Part about the Crimes

Every life, Epifanio said that night to Lalo Cura, no matter how happy it is, ends in pain and suffering. That depends, said Lalo Cura. Depends on what, champ? On lots of things, said Lalo Cura. Say you’re shot in the back of the head, for example, and you don’t…

Conversations with Beethoven

Sanford Friedman: Conversations with Beethoven

Trevor reviews Sanford Friedman’s brilliant final novel, Conversations with Beethoven, unpublished at his death in 2010 and just now put out by NYRB Classics. Read the full post.

Inherent Vice

Thomas Pynchon: Inherent Vice

Chris reviews Thomas Pynchon’s 2009 novel, Inherent Vice. Read the full post.

Monsieur Hulot's Holiday

Jacques Tati: Monsieur Hulot’s Holiday

Trevor reviews Jacques Tati’s film Monsieur Hulot’s Holiday, recently released by The Criterion Collection in its boxset The Complete Jacques Tati. Read the full post.

Nelson Primum Non Nocere

Antonya Nelson: “Primum Non Nocere”

This week’s New Yorker story is “Primum Non Nocere,” by Antonya Nelson. Read the full post.

Jour de Fete

Jacques Tati: Jour de Fête

Trevor reviews Jacques Tati’s debut feature film Jour de fête, recently released by The Criterion Collection in its boxset The Complete Jacques Tati. Read the full post.


Stephen Collins: The Gigantic Beard That Was Evil

Trevor reviews Stephen Collins’ graphic novel The Gigantic Beard That Was Evil, out last year in the U.K. and just out from Picador in the U.S. Read the full post.

Eraserhead Large

David Lynch: Eraserhead

Lee discusses David Lynch’s debut feature, Eraserhead. Read the full post.

Review copy courtesy of The Criterion Collection.

The Complete Jacques Tati

This week, The Criterion Collection is releasing The Complete Jacques Tati. We’ll be covering the set on The Mookse and the Gripes, and Trevor introduces it here. Read the full post.


Jess Row: “The Empties”

This week’s The New Yorker story is “The Empties,” by Jess Row. Read the full post.

Six Men Getting Sick

David Lynch Shorts

In anticipation of next week’s post on David Lynch’s Eraserhead, Trevor takes a look at Lynch’s shorts included on The Criterion Collection’s new Blu-ray edition. Read the full post.

EV 20

The Eclipse Viewer Episode 20: A Conversation with Michael Koresky

David and Trevor are back with The Eclipse Viewer 20: A Conversation with Michael Koresky. Read the full post and get the link to the podcast.


Michael Koresky: Terence Davies

Trevor reviews Michael Koresky’s book on British film director Terrence Davies, just out in the University of Illinois’ Contemporary Film Directors series. Read the full post


Yasushi Inoue: Life of a Counterfeiter

Trevor reviews Yasushi Inoue’s 1951 novella Life of a Counterfeiter. Read the full post.


Tom Hanks: “Alan Bean Plus Four”

This week’s New Yorker story is “Alan Bean Plus Four,” by, of all people, Tom Hanks. Read the full post.


CriterionCast Episode 150: Ingmar Bergman’s The Seventh Seal

It’s a milestone over at The CriterionCast — 150 episodes! — and I was thrilled and honored to join them to discuss Ingmar Bergman’s The Seventh Seal. Read the full post and find a link to the podcast.