Hemingway Foundation/PEN Award

The Hemingway Foundation/PEN Award is given each year to the best novel or short story collection by an American author who has not previously published a book of fiction.

Click here for the Hemingway Foundation/PEN award official site.

Click here for a list of past winners.

2 thoughts on “Hemingway Foundation/PEN Award”

  1. Ade Paul says:

    Can you supply an e-mail for the Hemingway/PEN Book award please as the site link is broken?

  2. Trevor says:

    I don’t have an email for them, unfortunately, Ade. Hopefully the problem is just a temporary glitch at the PEN/Hemingway site itself. I can’t imagine they have the desire to remove or even change their site such a short time after the award was given. But who knows? I’ll keep trying to find out what has happened, but I suspect the link will be functioning again in the next day or two.

    I will also update my own forum here. I notice I have not announced the winner here yet!

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