Orson Welles: The Magnificent Ambersons

The Criterion Collection recently released a fantastic home video edition of Orson Welles's The Magnificent Ambersons, a fine film as it stands but also notable as a massacred masterpiece and one from which Welles felt he never recovered.

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Rainer Werner Fassbinder: Eight Hours Don’t Make a Day

Rainer Werner Fassbinder created some of the most powerful films about how circumstances can crush an individual, and they're magnificent and empathetic. Here is one where the individuals have the power to change their circumstances, and it's delightful. Trevor reviews Fassbinder's Eight Hours Don't Make a Day, recently released on home video by The Criterion Collection.

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Michael Powell and Emeric Pressburger: A Matter of Life and Death

This week The Criterion Collection released Powell & Pressburger's 1946 film, A Matter of Life and Death, and it's a beautiful presentation of one of the most acclaimed films of all time.

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