Alice Munro: Friend of My Youth

Betsy and Trevor are moving on to the latter half of Alice Munro's career, starting their story-by-story examination of her 1990 collection Friend of My Youth. This post provides an overview of the book as well as links to the reviews as they post.

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Robert Walser: Girlfriends, Ghosts, and Other Stories

Trevor reviews NYRB Classics' latest volume of Robert Walser's brief musings, Girlfriends, Ghosts, and Other Stories, translated from the German by Tom Whalen, with Nicole Köngeter and Annette Wiesner. Read the full post.

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Ludmilla Petrushevskaya: “The Story of a Painter”

This week’s New Yorker fiction is Ludmilla Petrushevskaya's "The Story of a Painter," translated from the Russian by Anna Summers. Read the full post and join the conversation.

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