You’ll notice that my page is different. That was not entirely intentional. Let me explain, and once things are up and running I’m going to delete this post.

I have decided, after quite a long period of struggling with the idea, to place some ads on this site. I am using a service called LitBreakers (you’ve probably seen them on other book sites), so each ad is relevant to book-reading folks and hopefully will not be for Viagra or the like (if they are, we’ll scrap this).

While I don’t mind seeing ads on others’ sites, I have never really wanted to do it here. This project is for love and not for money (not that I expect this to bring any wealth). However, it has become important for me to try to find a way for this blog to pay at least a portion of its own costs, and I hope that placing a few book ads here will go a little ways to do that. In no way do I intend this to change the content of this site in some effort to increase hits or whatever.

While I was trying to set it all up, I ran into some problems with my theme, which I hadn’t updated since installing it in early 2009, knowing that it might reset some of my settings. But upgrading the theme also became necessary and I’ve been putting it off far too long anyway. Now I just need to go through and make the settings the way I want them again, which could take a bit of time, but the content is still here.

Please be patient with me, and if you have any thoughts or feedback on the ad situation, please let me know here or via email or Twitter.


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