Late last year, The Library of America released a box set collecting their three volumes of Isaac Bashevis Singer stories as well as their special compact illustrated biography Isaac Bashevis Singer: An Album. This is a fantastic set, and I’m here today to give away two! That’s right, I want two of you who live in the United States to have this for free. Sorry, international readers! I do still want you to have this; I just won’t be able to give you one of these.

Singer Set

Compiling a life’s work in the short story form, this collection includes all of the Nobel-laureate’s story collections published in English, from Gimpel the Fool and Other Stories, which was first published in 1957, to his last collection, The Death of Methuselah, published in 1988, three years before Singer died at the age of 88. Singer had been writing for a few decades before the English edition of Gimpel the Fool arrived; he’d been writing in Yiddish for years (and continued to write in Yiddish all of his life), and Saul Bellow translated the title story and saw it published in The Partisan Review in 1953.

Singer’s stories showcase a master story-teller. The voice and tone are sophisticated meshes of humor and dread, creating characters of immense depth in just a few sentences. Over the course of these stories Singer creates a world of day-to-day life in the sunshine and the shadows, with all of the ghosts and nightmares we feel in our own surroundings.

So let’s get to the giveaway!

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