“A Refugee Crisis”
by Callan Wink
from the August 20, 2018 issue of The New Yorker

One of my favorite comment exchanges came thanks to Callan Wink’s “Breatharians.” There Wink — and I — were accused of animal cruelty; specifically, the slander went that we like to torture cats. But that isn’t the only reason I smile when I think of Wink’s work. He’s a talented young short story writer, and I’m glad to see his work again in The New Yorker! The magazine published his debut fiction — “Run Dog Moon” — back in 2011 (see our thoughts here). “Breatharians” came the next year (here are our thoughts — don’t miss the comments!). The next fiction of his I read, “One More Last Stand,” showed up in Granta in 2013; I considered it the weakest of the three, but I still remember it fondly (my thoughts here). In 2016 his debut collection of stories came out from

I haven’t had a chance today to look into “A Refugee Crisis,” but I’m excited to read it as soon as I get a moment. In the meantime, please feel free to comment below to join in a conversation about this story.

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