by Alice Munro (2004)
Vintage (2005)
335 pp


It’s time for Betsy and me to move on to Munro’s eleventh book, 2004’s Runaway. We will soon be posting our thoughts on the first story, and I wanted to get this index post up so that any of you who are interested in joining us can get the book and get started. As in the past, we will post these when we are able, though I hope we (by which I mean me, since Betsy is always timely) can move smoothly through these eight stories.

Runaway is a collection of eight stories. This is the anchor post, an index with links to our posts on each story in the collection.

Runaway contains the following stories:

  • Runaway
  • Chance
  • Soon
  • Silence
  • Passion
  • Trespasses
  • Tricks
  • Powers
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