by George Saunders
from the November 9, 2020 issue of The New Yorker

I need to accept it: I still love George Saunders . . . or I still aspire to. It’s been a while since I’ve loved one of his stories — they often feel samey to me, as unique as they are in concept — but my response every time a new one is available is still pure excitement. I can’t wait to read “Ghoul,” even if its first line is what I’d call typical Saunders: “At noon Layla wheels over Vat of Lunch.” This first-person perspective of someone who capitalizes things important to him or her but not to the rest of us, all to suggest a not-quite-usual view of the world is very much in Saunders’ wheel-house. Will it pay off this time? We’ll see.

How are you doing with Saunders? Do you like “Ghoul”? Hoping to hear from you about your thoughts when you’ve finished the story.

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