“Future Selves”
by Aysegül Savas
from the March 29, 2021

I don’t know much about the work of Aysegül Savas. A couple of years ago she published her debut novel, Walking on the Ceiling, and later this year we will get her follow-up White on White. I do not believe “Future Selves” is an excerpt.

Here is how “Future Selves” starts:

Some years after we moved to the city, my husband and I started looking for an apartment to buy. We were renting a small place past the southern boulevard that marked the end of the historic neighborhoods. On weekends, we’d usually take walks, always in the direction of the finer quarters that had first lured us to the city with their Old World charm. We lived on an unremarkable street, without cafés or shops. At the corner was a large glass building, on whose steps teen-agers congregated at every hour, smoking, laughing, playing music. Those with skateboards rode up and down the boulevard, dodging out of the way of old women who frowned at them. During our first year, we learned that the building was a youth center, founded by a journalist couple whose own daughter’s suffering had gone unnoticed in the midst of the parents’ careers.

This is a short piece, at a little less than half the normal New Yorker story. Unfortunately, it was a busy day so I haven’t even had a chance to skim, let alone read, the story. But I’m hoping to do that tonight. I will share my thoughts below once I have them!

Please feel free to share your thoughts too! I’d love to hear from you!

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