by Clare Sestanovich
from the April 12, 2021 issue of The New Yorker

I‘m away this week, so I haven’t had a chance to really look at Clare Sestanovich’s story, “Separation,” in any way yet. I see she has a new story collection, Objects of Desire, coming this summer from Knopf. That’s exciting news! I don’t know a lot about Sestanovich’s work, but I did think “Old Hope,” which showed up in late 2019, was promising.

Here is how “Separation” begins:

He asked Kate out at the reservoir, where she went skinny-dipping in the summer. Early in the morning, before the kids arrived, or sometimes late at night, when the water was almost black. She was towelling her hair when he appeared, and she wasn’t wearing any pants. Her pubic hair was unkempt.

Kate was taken aback, but she said yes. As he walked away, she noticed his uncertain footing on the rocks and the spray of eczema, like something coughed up, all over his back and disappearing into his bathing suit. Already she had forgotten his name.

Well, where is this thing going? Please feels free to comment below with your thoughts!

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