“The Last Grownup”
by Allegra Goodman
from the February 27, 2023 issue of The New Yorker

Allegra Goodman’s newest noel Sam came out at the beginning of the year, and I just checked it out at the library. It’s nice to also get a chance to see one of her new short stories. I still think back on her story “La Vita Nuova,” published in th magazine clear back in May 2010.

Here is how “The Last Grownup” begins:

She heard their footsteps on the stairs. Water running in their bathroom. She sensed her daughters everywhere, but it was just her imagination. They were gone. Of course, they would come back. They were safe, and it was just till Sunday. It wasn’t death—it only felt like that. Her friends said, Now you can rest! You can think! You can work out! Theoretically, she could have done these things. She could have been thinking and going to the gym and resting, but when the girls left with their father Debra sat on the couch and cried. Which was fine. Crying was good. Divorce was hard! All she had to do was call, and her sister Becca would come right over, but Debra didn’t want sympathy, so no one saw her tears except the dog.

Please let us know how you felt about the story below! I hope you all have a great week!

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