“We’re Not So Different, You and I”
by Simon Rich
from the May 13, 2024 issue of The New Yorker

While I know Simon Rich’s name, I do not know his work in any particular way, other than given his work in film and television I’ve likely at least seen a bit of his writing performed. He has published two novels and six collections of short fiction, though, so hopefully some of you can relate to us a bit more about Rich’s work. It appears he is primarily a comic writer, and I admit that is not a field I tend to get a lot of exposure to. I wouldn’t mind changing that, so I’m glad to have this story in this week’s issue. I guess I don’t know yet whether this is a comic story or not, but something about the first few paragraphs suggests it is:

“You’ll never get away with this!” Ultra Man vowed as he wriggled in his chains. “You may destroy me, but you’ll never destroy what I stand for!”

Death Skull let out a hysterical cackle, which echoed piercingly from the stone walls of his lair.

“Why so combative?” he said, emerging from the shadows. “At the end of the day, we’re not so different, you and I.”

I look forward to your thoughts below! I’ll share mine as soon as I’ve read the story.

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