“The Hadal Zone”
by Annie Proulx
from the July 8 & 15, 2024 issue of The New Yorker

I‘m a fan of Annie Proulx, so I am excited that we get a pretty lengthy story from her in this year’s New Yorker fiction issue: “The Hadal Zone.” It doesn’t appear to be an excerpt from another work. Here is how it starts:

Arwen Rasmont waits hours at Keflavík International for his flight; they call it as he leaves the men’s room. He walks past the mirrored wall and is assaulted, as usual, by his dead father’s handsome image: high-arched nose, yellow hair. A difference in the contact glance—the father’s a hard squinting challenge, the son’s sidelong and measuring.

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The other three stories in this week’s magazine have their own posts which I’ll link to here:

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