Flicker Alley’s Chaplin’s Mutual Comedies

In 1916, Chaplin signed on with a new studio, the Mutual Film Corporation, and became the highest paid entertainer in the world. In a lovingly compiled dual-format home video release, Flicker Alley presents beautiful restorations of all twelve of the films Chaplin made at Mutual. Trevor looks at Flicker Alley's Chaplin's Mutual Comedies. Read the full post.

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Flicker Alley’s Chaplin at Keystone

I'm planning on making the next few months Chaplin months because there's a special book coming out a bit later this year: The Charlie Chaplin Archives from Taschen. For those of you who do not know Taschen, it is an "art book" publisher that specializes in large, detailed, photo-heavy tomes on a variety of subjects. My wife loves [...]

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Flicker Alley’s The Mack Sennett Collection: Volume One

Flicker Alley's giant The Mack Sennett Collection, Volume One is one of the best (because it's important, because it's historic, because it's absolutely delightful) home video sets I've encountered this year (though it came out in 2014). Read the full post.

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