No TomorrowThis month, we are joined by Alan Bowden of to discuss Vivant Denon’s novella, No Tomorrow.

In 1777, No Tomorrow was published anonymously. We have the pleasure of reading Lydia Davis’ translation which is based on the 1814 edition.

NYRB Classics published their bilingual edition of No Tomorrow in October of 2009, and it is the book we’ll be talking about in Episode 7 of The Mookse and the Gripes Podcast.

In Episode 8 we will be discussing two books that will be issued by NYRB Classics next month (May 7, 2013): Kingsley Amis’s novels, The Green Man and The Alteration. If you have any thoughts on Kingsley Amis, we’d love to hear from you via email, via comments, or via Twitter. Perhaps we can set up a Skype call to pull some sound bites of your thoughts.

Show Notes (1:13:03)

  • Intro
  • Brief look at Vivant Denon (14:40)
  • Non-spoiler section (19:56)
  • Spoiler section (42:12)

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Episode Credits

  • Co-Host Trevor Berrett
  • Co-Host Brian Berrett
  • Guest Alan Bowden of
  • Introduction Music — “Where We Fall We’ll Lie” by Jeff Zentner, from his album The Dying Days of Summer (used with permission)
  • Outro Music — “Promise Me That You Will Never Die” by Jeff Zentner, from his album Hymns to the Darkness (used with permission)
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