The Moons of Jupiter
by Alice Munro (1983)
Vintage (1991)
233 pp

The Moons of JupiterIt’s time for Betsy and me to move on to Munro’s fifth book, 1982’s The Moons of Jupiter. We will soon be posting our thoughts on the first story, and I wanted to get this index post up so that any of you who are interested in joining us can get the book and get started.

The Beggar Maid, Munro went back to the pure short story collection for The Moons of Jupiter, a collection of 12 stories. While some of this will be familiar (the stories are primarily set in small country towns of Ontario, not that we want to leave Munro’s world behind, anyway), Munro also veers into new territory, which we’ll explore in the coming weeks and months as we slowly make our way through this book.

This is the anchor post, an index with links to our posts on each story in the collection.

The Moons of Jupiter contains the following stories:

Betsy and I have now finished the book and have posted our thoughts. It’s not about the space (sometimes we can say a lot in few words and not much at all in many), but I like to see just how many words we spent on any given Munro book. We’ve written just under 28,000 words on The Moons of Jupiter. I’m not sure how valuable anything is that I’ve written, but my attention and care comes from my love of Munro’s work. It’s worth reading, wrestling with, and writing about.

We’ve got several more books to go!

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