Here we are at the very beginning of a year of reading! I hope the beach scene treats you well. We’ll be reading about the bad news, reflecting on tragedies that beset the century so far, and dealing with a daughter who is growing up in this strange world, so soak in that late summer sun.

I’ve decided to post these on Sunday evenings, even though it will still be a few days before the reading catches up. It just seems like a good time to do it, so for the next year, here we go!

One thing I want to point out is that the book begins with an undated chapter with Gesine watching the waves — such a wonderful way to start a book with so much reflection and movement — but, as pointed out to me by translator Damion Searls, it is clearly August 20, so that’s when I’m starting . . . and I recommend you do too!

Please share your thoughts below as you prepare to read or as you go through this first week of reading. Don’t forget, we have a bit of a bonus day here.

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