“Three Women of Chuck’s Donuts”
by Anthony Veasna So
from the February 10, 2020 issue of The New Yorker

Anthony Veasna So is another unknown voice to me. I think that he may be unknown to most everyone. Currently finishing up his MFA at Syracuse University, I think his work has just started to surface in public, with “The Shop,” a piece published by Granta online showing up earlier this year (here). In 2018, his story “Superking Son Scores Again,” published in n+1, won the Joyce Carol Oates Award in Fiction.

“Three Women of Chuck’s Donuts” takes place in a donut shop owned by a Cambodian woman who employs her two daughters in the overnight shift. They notice a man comes to store often in the middle of the night to get an apple fritter. I am enjoying it!

Let me know your thoughts when you have a moment.

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