"A Short History of Zaka the Zulu"
by Petina Gappah
Originally published in the September 26, 2016 issue of The New Yorker.

september-26-2016Petina Gappah’s name came up on the Frank O’Connor International Short Story Award (R.I.P.) a few years ago when her first collection of stories, 2009’s An Elegy for Easterly, was shortlisted for the prize. The collection also won the Guardian First Book Award. Last year, she published her debut novel, The Book of Memory, and her second story collection, Rotten Row, is coming out in the U.K. later this fall (I don’t see a U.S. publication date yet). I haven’t read anything by her yet, but what I’m seeing this morning as I’m doing a bit of research for this post, is very interesting. She does not like being called the voice of Zimbabwe just because she writes stories set in Zimbabwe — so don’t do that here!

I look forward to the story and to the discussion below!

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