“The Adventure of a Skier”
by Italo Calvino
translated from the Italian by Ann Goldstein
from the July 3, 2017 issue of The New Yorker

Following last week’s brief story by the recently deceased William Trevor, The New Yorker comes to us with another brief story by another dearly departed author, Italo Calvino.

The magazine has actually published a handful of stories by Calvino since his death in 1985, the most recent being “The Daughters of the Moon” in 2009, the early days of this site. In fact, it’s been about that long since I last read anything by Calvino, and he’s most welcome!

I’m looking forward to this one and to your thoughts about it or anything else related to Calvino’s work. Have fun with the story — surely it’s going to be playful, right? — and enjoy the conversation!

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