“Philosophy of the Foot”
by Taymour Soomro
from the January 7, 2019 issue of The New Yorker

Happy New Year, everyone! As the year begins, The New Yorker is treating us to a fresh voice. “Philosophy of the Foot” is Taymour Soomro’s first publication, to my knowledge, so I think all of us are getting to know his work at the same time. I hope it’s the promising start to a career as well as a promising start to another year of reading the fiction published in The New Yorker.

“Philosophy of the Foot” begins with the sudden appearance of a makeshift stall outside of a home going through the changes of a generation. At the stall, a young boy fixes shoes, itself a dying art.

I hope you’ll all share your thoughts about Soomro’s story below. Welcome to another year, and may it be a great one!

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