by Joy Williams
from the October 26, 2020 issue of The New Yorker

This week we get another Joy Williams story. Her work is always intriguing to me, even if I often fail to understand it. I don’t mind that when it comes to her work, though! It is usually so strange it makes its impact in other ways. This one might be similar. Just look at how it begins:

His teacher informed the class that her name was Miss Rita and they must always address her as such. She assured them that she would be guarding them all and that not one of them would be lost, except the one who was destined to be lost.

I hope you are all having a good October, wherever you are. I hope that you’re finding time to relax and read and have meaningful conversations. If you have comments to share here about this story or Joy Williams’s work in general, please feel very welcome.

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