“The Coast of New Zealand”
by Cynthia Ozick
from the June 21, 2021 issue of The New Yorker

After a decade of no new fiction, here we get our second story of 2021 from Cynthia Ozick. The first was her new novella, Antiquities, published in April by Knopf. Here we have a new short story, “The Coast of New Zealand.” Normally at this time of year we have the annual double issue dedicated to fiction. I’m not sure why that hasn’t happened yet, but getting a new Ozick story is just as, if not more, exciting.

I’m on holiday this week, so I’ve got this story with me, ready for a lull in the action.

Please do let me know how you like the story in the comments below! As soon as I’ve read it, I’ll share my thoughts below as well.

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