“The Mom of Bold Action”
by George Saunders
from the August 30, 2021 issue of The New Yorker

I‘m embracing the fact that even though I have not enjoyed his stories as much as I used to, I’m still always excited to read whatever we get from George Saunders. I wonder if this will free me up mentally a bit, allow me to go in without worrying. I’m excited to read “The Mom of Bold Action,” and I love that right off the bat we get a nice passage introducing us to the caring mother who works to write inspirational children’s stories. How can this go wrong?

Again she found herself spending her precious morning writing time pacing her lovable sty of a kitchen making no progress at all. Why was she holding a can opener?


That could be something.

“The Trusty Little Opener.” Gerard the Can Opener was a dreamer. He wanted to open big things. bigger things. The biggest things! But all he ever got to open was, uh, beans? Corn? Tuna?

I hope we all like this one, and I look forward to reading your comments if you feel so inclined to share your thoughts!

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