The five-book shortlist for the National Translation Award was announced yesterday (here).

  • Between Friends, by Amos Oz, translated from the Hebrew by Sondra Silverston
  • An Invitation for Me to Think, by Alexander Vvedensky, translated from the Russian by Eugene Ostashevsky and Matvei Yankelevich
  • Life’s Good, Brother, by Nazim Hikmet, translated from the Turkish by Mutlu Konuk Blasing
  • A Treatise on Shelling Beans, by Wieslaw Mysliwski, translated from the Polish by Bill Johnston
  • Theme of Farewell and After-Poems, by Milo de Angelis, translated from the Italian by Susan Stewart and Patrizio Ceccagnoli

The winner will be announced at the 2014 ALTA Conference that runs from November 12-15.

The longlist of fifteen books was announced a few months ago (you can find my post here).

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