There’s a new Criterion-centric podcast called Criterion Close Up, hosted by Aaron West and Mark Hurne. Together they are producing a weekly podcast focused on Criterion films and Criterion news. Their first episode, which you can listen to here, focused on Criterion’s edition of Albert Brooks’s Broadcast News, as well as other films that deal with the media; in their second (here), they deal with Lasse Hallström’s My Life as a Dog, as well as Hallström’s career in general.

I was fortunate enough to join these two over the weekend for their third episode, appropriately titled Geekfest 2015. We talk about forthcoming releases, both those confirmed and those rumored, and in general have fun sharing our enthusiasm. It’s fun stuff!

Please click here to see the shownotes and listen to the podcast.

Criterion Banner FINALWe also talk briefly about the Criterion Blogathon, coming up in November. Many blogs — including this one — will be participating. I recommend you learn more about it here, and participate if you can!

I love the excitement about these films and about the work Criterion is doing, and I look forward to more episodes of Criterion Close Up!

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