“It’s a Summer Day”
by Andrew Sean Greer
from the June 19, 2017 issue of The New Yorker

My apologies for getting this up late. This week we’re on holiday and the wi-fi is hard to find — which is perfect! But I couldn’t wait much longer to get the new New Yorker story up so the conversation can start when you all want to start it.

This week, we have a new story from Andrew Sean Greer, an author I’m not familiar with, though I know I’ve heard the name before. I’m curious if any of you have read his other work and if you recommend it.

“It’s a Summer Day” appears to be a part of his forthcoming novel, Less. Many of us have issues when the magazine chooses to publish an excerpt from a novel rather than a short story, but I’m curious if this makes anyone anxious for the book.

I hope everyone enjoys it, at least! But I’m sure that won’t be the case, and I’m looking forward to the conversation below!

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