Uwe Johnson’s Anniversaries is structured as a day-by-day sequence of entries, taking us from August 21, 1967 to August 20, 1968. The central character we follow through the hours of this year is Gesine Cresspahl, and trust me this year is worth following. To that end, I’m rereading the book, day-by-day, starting, of course, this August 21. I invite you to join me. The book is a masterpiece and taking it a day at a time will make its size surprisingly manageable.

To facilitate a readalong, entries of the following week in the life of Gesine (sadly our days of the week do not line up with 1967-1968). The first will go up on the evening of August 20 and will cover August 21 – 27.

To facilitate a readalong, I have created a home page specifically for it.

It is on the other end of this link!

There you can find all of the posts, links, and anything else I think might add to the experience. It is live already, so you can go check it out and let me know if you have any suggestions.

Please consider joining in on this experience. The book is a masterpiece, and I think a day-by-day reading of it is not only a manageable but also an ideal way to read the book. I cannot wait for it to all begin!

Likely there will be some threads over at our Goodreads group, too, but as of now that hasn’t happened yet. If it does, I’ll be sure to update the main readalong page with that information.

I hope you’re starting a lovely August and that you’ll seriously consider this invitation to join in!

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