My weekend thoughts are not that important right now. I encourage readers of The Mookse and the Gripes to find ways to learn about and support Black Lives Matter.

The Criterion Collection has opened the streaming service, The Criterion Channel, to everyone to see films by black artists.

We are also using our streaming platform, the Criterion Channel, to highlight films that focus on Black Lives, including works by early pioneers of African American Cinema such as Oscar Micheaux; classics by Maya Angelou, Julie Dash, William Greaves, Kathleen Collins, Cheryl Dunye, and Charles Burnett; contemporary work by Khalik Allah and Leilah Weinraub; and documentary portraits of black experience by white filmmakers Les Blank and Shirley Clarke.

NYRB Classics is releasing a classic of African literature, People of the City, by Cyprian Ekwensi. This will be available soon.

I’ve been impressed by what so many are doing to invoke change, and I feel inspired and compelled to do all I can in my corner of the world.

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