A Horse Walks into a Bar
by David Grossman (year)
translated from the xxx by xxx (year)
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xxx pp

I‘m always happy to get a new story by Lauren Groff. Over the last few years she has become a favorite. I think her work is always interesting and lingers in a way that often feels like a haunting. This week we get “Annunciation.”

Some nights, in my dreams, I find myself running through those hills above Palo Alto again. It is always just before dawn, and as I run I smell the sun-crisped fields, the sage, the eucalyptus. The mist falls in starched sheets over the distant hills, the ones that press against the Bay, and I can hear nothing but my own footsteps, my own breath, once in a while a peloton of cyclists whirring out of the morning fog that swallows them up again. I descend, going ever faster through the quiet wealthy neighborhoods, across the empty black river of asphalt that is El Camino Real, then when the road “flattens out into Mountain View I am “flying, and I see at last the great strong-armed oak that spreads its grace above the whole block. Every time, though, I awaken before I can lift my eyes to the converted pool house, covered in moss and bougainvillea and ferns, which I have not seen in twenty years, and which I won’t see again in this life.

That’s a nice start, kind of calling into mind Rebecca‘s famous opening. I hope you’re all starting a great week, and I look forward to reading any of your thoughts on “Annunciation”! Please share below!

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