“Roy Spivey”
by Miranda July
from the June 11 & 18, 2007 issue of The New Yorker
reprinted in the August 29, 2022 issue of The New Yorker

I apologize for not posting this on time (though I am back-dating it). I thought I had gotten it posted, but nope! It is interesting to me that The New Yorker decided to reprint Miranda July’s “Roy Spivey,” which was originally published in their June 11 & 18, 2007 issue. But it does give us an opportunity to read it if we missed it the first time or forgot it!

Twice I have sat next to a famous man on an airplane. The first man was Jason Kidd, of the New Jersey Nets. I asked him why he didn’t fly first class, and he said that was because his cousin worked for United.

“Wouldn’t that be all the more reason to get first class?”

“It’s cool,” he said, unfurling his legs into the aisle.

I let it go, because what do I know about the ins and outs of being a sports celebrity? We didn’t talk for the rest of the flight.

The heart of the story is the second encounter, with the celebrity Roy Spivey (“which is almost an anagram of his name”).

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