“Tiny, Meaningless Things”
by Marisa Silver
from the October 24, 2022 issue of The New Yorker

It has been years since we’ve had new fiction from Marisa Silver in the magazine (since 2012, to be exact), so this is exciting. Here is how “Tiny, Meaningless Things” starts.

Wednesday is ironing day, a day of smoothness, the pleasing, embryonic smell of wet heat, and the satisfactions of erasure. How rewarding it is, Evelyn thinks, to work the tip of the iron into the wrinkled underarms of her favorite blouses and watch their instant transformation into material that is fresh and untried. Now that she is seventy-four, and her skin has lost its elasticity, this trick of reversing time is no longer available to her.

I know this is going up out of order, but if you’re interested in posting thoughts on this story, please always feel welcome!

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