Adam Ehrlich Sachs' "The Philosophers" was originally published in the February 1, 2016 issue of The New Yorker. Click here to read the story in its entirety on The New Yorker webpage.

February 1, 2016Adam Ehrlich Sachs is a completely new voice to me. I’m unsure what he’s published before landing in The New Yorker (though I see pieces in n+1 and McSweeney’s, and I’d be happy for some more insights into his work in the comments below), but his debut book, a collection of “stories and syndromes” entitled Inherited Disorders, is to be published this May. “The Philosophers” is a piece of that collection. From the Page Turner interview (here) it sounds like this piece, and the book as a whole, is concerned with the relationship between fathers and sons. Perhaps the “inherited disorders” gives a sense of the tone; we’ll see!

I look forward to your comments below!

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