by Allegra Goodman
from the September 11, 2017 issue of The New Yorker

For some reason it feels like Allegra Goodman has shown up in The New Yorker quite often lately, so I was surprised to find that she’s been published there only twice since I started this site, once in 2010 (“La Vita Nuova”) and once in 2014 (“Apple Cake”). I was a big fan of each, and in general I’m a fan of her work, my admiration going back to when it showed up in the magazine somewhat more frequently (between 1991 and 2005, she published seven stories in The New Yorker).

So, since her work has been more rare over the last decade, it’s great to see another story! In this one, we go back to the Rubenstein family we met in “Apple Cake,” which focused on the grandmother Jeanne. Here the central character is a minor character who showed up at the end of “Apple Cake,” Jeanne’s granddaughter Pheobe, now a college student returning home after breaking up with her boyfriend.

I’m excited to see how folks like Goodman’s return to these characters. Please leave your comments below!

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