“The Hotel”
by Anne Enright
from the November 6, 2017 issue of The New Yorker

While I patiently wait for The New Yorker to publish the William Trevor story they said they were holding on to, I’m happy to keep getting stories from other authors I respect, and I’m thrilled at the conversations that have been going on in the comments. I expect this comment stream might carry that on because Enright is often quite divisive. I, for one, am a fan, but many others really dislike her work, which can be cold, harsh, distant, and opaque.

However, and despite my abiding admiration for Enright’s work, earlier this year her story “Solstice” appeared in the magazine, and I had a hard time discussing it (see here). Indeed, my first comment there: “The strangest thing: I read the story last Monday and planned to write some thoughts here when I had the time. When that time came, I couldn’t really remember the story!”

I wonder what we’ll get here! I haven’t yet looked at even a word of “The Hotel,” so I don’t know what to expect. I look forward, as always, to the comments below and hope everyone feels welcome to chime in.

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