Some evening in late June 2008 I told my wife I missed studying and teaching literature, something I’d done for a few years around the time we were married. She had been reading a lot of blogs and told me she was sure we could find some book blogs I’d love. That’s when I ran into John Self’s The Asylum, and I loved everything about it. I decided to emulate what he was doing. And so, ten years ago today, I settled on a name I liked from James Joyce’s Finegans Wake, signed up for a WordPress account, and posted my first book review!

Since then, I have never felt a desire to stop. Some things have led to change. One I notice most is this: I have a lot less time these days! My wife and I have four sons taking up a lot of our time, and they’re so much fun to be with and to watch grow. But The Mookse and the Gripes brings me a unique sense of happiness and fulfillment, and I can’t wait for ten more years!

Thank you all for making it so rewarding. I’ve met so many kind and insightful people over the years! As I alluded to above, I have no end to this in mind, and I hope to just keep finding ways to make this a pleasant and fun stop on the internet.

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