I’ve decided to copy a feature found on Reading Matters and Savidge Reads, a kind of hall of fame/favorite authors list. I am calling mine The Mookse and the Gripes Pantheon, and you can see the complete list here. There will also be a permanent link in the upper left-hand corner of the blog.

There are 21 authors on the list, and, while I don’t want to expand it indefinitely, I plan to update it occasionally when I realize I just need to include someone else.

It’s a personal list and I had one main criterion: after reading one of the books by the author, I had the strong desire to read everything that author had ever written. To that end, I’ve listed their books and included links to the ones I’ve reviewed. The aspiration is to, some day in the distant future, have links to each book on the list. That may not happen, but working towards that goal is actually the main goal.

Either here or on that page, please let me know what authors you’d include in your personal pantheon.

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