John Updike: “Snowing in Greenwich Village”

This week The New Yorker published two stories from their archive as part of their "Holliday Reading" issue. Here we have John Updike's "Snowing in Greenwich Village," which was originally published in the January 21, 1956 issue of the magazine.

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John Updike: “A & P”

I'd like to begin this post by asking readers what they think of John Updike, as a novelist, as a critic, as a poet, and as a short story writer. That question is open even to those who haven't read him. Perhaps it's even better more of those readers answer, because I'd like perceptions of Updike [...]

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John Updike: The Collected Stories

I've never been a big fan of Updike's novels. I'm not sure why that is. It's possible I just haven't read them at the right time. Consequently, I gave up on them some years ago and have actually never read any of the Rabbit Angstrom books (though I did try Rabbit, Run). However, I have been [...]

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